2020-11-11 Eco Life Scandinavia / Nordic Organic Food Fair 2020 – CANCELLED

2020-11-11 – 2020-11-12

Contact with the organizer, click on the logos above.
Place: Plats: MalmöMässan i Malmö www.malmomassan.se

Exhibitor Service

You can order equipment to your stand by using our WEBSHOP ONLINE. Here you can also find pictures of our rental equipment. Click on the red button above.
We can also offer a various selection of for example banners, signs, posters, tensioned fabrics in fixed frames. Send us an email for more information and prices.
Last date for order before prices increase is the 20th of October, please make sure to order in time, late orders might not be accepted.
Example of a standard booth with beige, red and dark green carpet.

Contactperson for Mäss-Service: Li Mellberg.li@mass-service.se
Phone +46 (0) 40-30 67 20 or +46 (0)40 – 642 99 26 direct

In cases where the freight forwarder, who deliver and pick up the goods, ask us to transport the goods to and from the booth, we will do so at the exhibitor’s expense, regardless of what has been agreed between the shipper and the exhibitor.
Unloading of EUR-pallet – 400 SEK / each – Loading of EUR-pallet – 400 SEK / each
Unloading of Large Pallet – 450 SEK / each – Loading of Large Pallet – 450 SEK / each
Delivery of parcel to booth – 150 SEK / each – Delivery of parcel from booth – 150 SEK / each
Its it not allowed to place packaging by yourself somewhere in the hall, neither in your booth. If you need this service your package must be marked with specific labels which MalmöMässan have. The staff from MalmöMässan will storage it during the exhibitiondays. The cost for this is 400 SEK / m3
Invoice for goodshandling, unloading, loading and storage will be sent to you after the fair.

Apply for standconstruction/advertising above 2,5 m.Read more here !

Apply for early moving in. Fill in here !
Label for goods Download here !
Order for rent of SkyliftFill in here !
Dont forget to enclose a drawing with where you want electricity, spotlights, internet etc placed
Enclose a drawingDownload here !
Priceinfo Services Read more here !