2018-09-25 European Utilities Telecom Council 2018

Contact with the organizer: Click on the logotype above.
Place: MalmöMässan in Malmö www.malmomassan.se


Your standspace includes a table 180x80cm with white tablecloth, 2 chairs and electricity.
You can order more equipment such as walls, spotlights, carpet, furnitures etc to your stand in our SHOP ONLINE (red button), here you will also find pictures of our rental equipment.
Last date for order before prices increase is the 4th of September.
We can also offer a varoius selection of for example banners, signs, posters, tensioned fabrics in fixed frames. Send us an email for prices.
Contactperson for Mäss-Service: Li Mellberg.li@mass-service.se
Phone +46 40 30 67 20 Company no +46 40 642 99 26 Direct.
Apply for standconstruction/advertising above 2,5 mRead more here!
Apply for early moving in. Fill in here ! !
Order for rent of skylift: Fill in here!
Please note prices here for loading/unloading and storage.
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Label for Goods Download here!
Dont forget to enclose a drawing with where you want the electricity, spotlights, water etc
Enclose a drawing.Download here !
Priceinfo Services: Read more here!