The base for all events and fairs


The right carpet does it. Carpets are the foundation for attention-grabbing and inviting stands and events. Equally important is that the carpet creates a comfortable environment to those in the stand, both to staff and visitors.


Our carpets
All carpets are delivered direct from our warehouses in Oxie (Malmö), Gothenburg snad Stockholm.


Download samples covering our various carpets. Colours marked red are in our storage.
The other colours can be ordered but please contact us for information about delivery time.
Carpets for hire, square
EXPOSTYLE – Roll carpet
SALSA – Velour, page 1
SALSA . Velour, page 2

Rent or buy?
We will assist you in calculating what is most suitable for your needs. This is how we usually work:


- Renting: Carpets supplied in squares in various sizes and colours.

- Buying: Roll carpet (various colours/qualities), grass carpet, plastic carpets. Expostyle and Salsa velour are popular brands.


- Fitting. We will help you fit the carpet in the stand, at the conference etc.


How to order
Exhibitors at Malmö Mässan or other fairs and exhibitions where Malmö Mäss-Service is the supplier of stand service: Please order in the web shop.


For pricing and further information, please contact:
Leif Lindell on +46 761 27 92 93. Gothenburg
Peter Hinderoth on +46 40 30 67 04. Oxie (Malmö)
Pelle Lindahl +46 761 27 92 91 Stockholm